Molasses is a byproduct of the sugar industry, is an economical source of energy for cattle and has been fed for many years to improve forage palatability and feed intake. Molasses is most comonly know for it's dark, thick and sticky apearance used in baking.  Molasses has many benefits when feed to cattle. Click here to see how molasses is made and to learn why LFI only uses 100% Louisianna Cane Molasses.




There has recently been renewed interest in feeding sugar and molasses to dairy cattle, because of the positive effect it has on forage digestion. Sugar and molasses supplements have been shown to increase the digestibility of diet dry and organic matter, as well as increase feed intake and microbial protein production in the rumen. Read more here >>


Benefits to Using Molasses for Cattle:

Sweet taste increases palatability
Nutrient dense & high Bioavailability (80% DM)
Environmentaly friendly, by using all available byproduct of sugar